Artist statement

Artist Kami Strunsee’s muse is the rolling countryside of Wisconsin and the wildlife that inhabit it. Inspired by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Alfonse Mucha, Mary Cassatt, and Claude Monet—She doesn’t seek to just recreate beauty. She translates her awe through a stark filter that often isolates aspects to focus the eye on form and patterns. As a multi-disciplinary artist, her techniques and chosen media are used to increase sensitivity to colors and awaken the pause needed to fully appreciate and reflect upon our world. Focusing on esthetics and symbolism the artist strives to create a deep and meaningful connection with the world through her pieces.



So all that up there is the "official" professional jargon. The long and short of it is— I love to create. I love seeing the smiles that my pieces can bring, I love connecting with people through my work. I love talking about my processes, teaching others, and sharing what I know....and I love to learn & experiment. I love asking myself what would happen if I did that?.... and then I do it!  If there is a new technique or style, I'm going to try it. I show my successes, but behind what has been made public is a lot of failings, half-baked projects, not even baked projects, and a whole lot of self-criticism. It's all good and I love it.

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